Visit California Staff

Caroline Beteta 
President & Chief Executive Officer
Phone: 916.319.5420

Matthew Sabbatini
Chief Operating Officer
Phone: 916.319.5401

Ryan Becker 
Vice President of Communications
Phone: 916.319.5403

Lynn Carpenter
Vice President of Marketing
Phone: 916.319.5411

Scott Plamondon 
Corporate Counsel 
Phone: 916.319.5426

Marketing Department

Lynn Carpenter
Vice President of Marketing
Phone: 916.319.5411

Leona Reed 
Associate Vice President of Global Marketing
Phone: 916.319.5434

Kassie Churchill
Director of Asia Pacific Marketing
Phone: 916.319.5405

Anette Kaiser-Rott
Director of Europe & India Marketing
Phone: 916.233.0253

Bryce McAnally
Director of Brand Advertising
Phone: 916.319.5402

Dan Mishell
Director of Research
Phone: 916.319.5413

Jennifer Montero
Director of Americas
Phone: 916.319.5428

Gwynne Spann
Director of Consumer Content
Phone: 916.319.5414

Kayla Bell
Digital & Printed Publications Manager
Phone: 916.233.0282

Stephanie DeVries
Travel Trade Manager
Phone: 916.233.0247

Tia Hoang 
Marketing Research Manager
Phone: 916.327.3391

Lyn Johnson
Brand Advertising Manager 
Phone: 916.233.0305

Daphne Lange 
Consumer Advertising Manager 
Phone: 916.319.5406

Lisa Martinez
Rural and Cooperative Marketing Manager
Phone: 916.233.0229

Andi Shaw
Digital Marketing Manager 
Phone: 916.233.0294

Jeff Tang
Consumer Web Content & Social Media Manager
Phone: 916.233.0281

Alex Vigil 
Travel Trade Manager
Phone: 916.233.0242

Walt Wang
China Manager
Phone: 916.233.0298

Lucas Himovitz
Content Coordinator
Phone: 916.319.5436

Jamie Lathrop 
Travel Trade Coordinator 
Phone: 916.233.0244

Megan Losser
Marketing Coordinator
Phone: 916.324.3787

Jessica Mindt 
Marketing Coordinator / Assistant to the Vice President of Marketing
Phone: 916.445.6546

Katie Meissner 
Consumer Brand Assistant 
Phone: 916.233.0266

Lindsey Smith 
International Marketing Assistant
Phone: 916.319.5430


Communications Department

Ryan Becker 
Vice President of Communications
Phone: 916.319.5403

Angie Pappas 
Director of Corporate Communications 
Phone: 916.233.0249

Amber Rich 
Director of Engagement 
Phone: 916.233.0269

Jennifer Sweeney
Director of Public Relations
Phone: 916.233.0255

John Blomster
Corporate Content Manager
Phone: 916.233.0276

Kristen Bonilla
Public Relations Manager
Phone: 916.319.5421

Kelli Gera
Communications Manager
Phone: 916.233.0267

Lindsey Guinn 
International Public Relations Manager
Phone: 916.233.0303

Lana Kras 
Events Manager 
Phone: 916.233.0243

Gohar Manukyan
Industry Relations Manager
Phone: 916.233.0240

Lucas Mittenentzwei
B2B Digital Content Manager
Phone: 916.319.5407

Robin Nichols
Creative Development Manager
Phone: 916.319.5408

Kayla Woods 
Public Affairs Manager 
Phone: 916.233.0257

Ashley Bisek
Industry Relations Coordinator
Phone: 916.233.0308

Christina Chuchas 
Communications Coordinator & Assistant to Vice President of Communications
Phone: 916.322.0501

Molly Okumura 
Media Relations Coordinator
Phone: 916.233.0277

Ann Sullivan
Speakers Desk Coordinator
Phone: 916.233.0259


Operations Department

Matthew Sabbatini 
Chief Operating Officer 
Phone: 916.319.5401

Sonja Spowart
Chief Financial Officer
Phone: 916.233.0248

Troy Cantrell
Senior Director of Data
Phone: 916.319.5432

Michael Hudson
Director of Information Technology
Phone: 916.319.5435

Diane Cody 
Executive Manager & CEO Liaison 
Phone: 916.319.5409

Debi Himovitz
Contracts & Finance Project Manager
Phone: 916.319.5404

Rob Jacinto
Human Resources Manager
Phone: 916.319.5431

Jordan Kerr
Finance Manager
Phone: 916.233.0278

Tim Lowery
Database Administrator
Phone: 916.319.5422

Dale Mancillas
Operations Manager
Phone: 916.233.0246

Pat Wagner
Budget Manager
Phone: 916.233.0292

Ryan Price 
Network Administrator 
Phone: 916.233.0256

Cole Santiago 
Helpdesk Coordinator
Phone: 916.233.0236

Giana Wheless
Accounting Coordinator
Phone: 916.319.5418

Richelle Hassell
Operations Executive Assistant
Phone: 916.233.0250

Sukhpreet Kaur
Finance Admin
Phone: 916.233.0263

Tangee Laird
Visitor Information and Reception
Phone: 916.319.5400


Assessment & California Division of Tourism

Amy Chambers 
Staff Services Manager 
Phone: 916.322.1266
Fax: 916.322.3402

Kat Reese
Tourism Assessment Analyst
Phone: 916.322.1266
Fax: 916.322.3402


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