Travel Profile (total)

  Yr/Yr % Chg
Visitor Spending (2016p) $392 million -
California Market Share (2015) 9.6% -
Visitors to California (2016p) 184,000 -
2017 Visitation Forecast (% change vs. 2016p) 183,000 -0.1%
2021 Visitation Forecast (% change vs. 2016p) 209,000 +13.6%
2021 Spending Forecast $457 million -

(updated May 2017)
U.S. Department of Commerce; Tourism Economics 

Leisure Travel Profile (72% of total)  

Vacation/Holiday 95% 141
Hotel/Motel 90% 123
Average Length of Stay - Nights 11 89
Average Spend Per Trip $1,772 178
Average Destinations Visited Per Trip 3.8 122
Average Party Size 2.1 123
Travel with Children 7.1% 52

Sources: U.S. Department of Commerce; CIC Research, Inc.



Market Conditions

Brazil GDP Quarterly Growth Rate
Brazilian Real

After the end of the Dilma Rousseff impeachment process and the designation of Michel Temer as the president of Brazil, the economic situation is more stable and forecasts are very positive, even with the political situation still delicate. The Brazilian travel industry is seeing an increase in sales.

Brazilian Class A is still the target traveler. Their profile remains the same, even with the crisis. Travelers are looking for new, fresh, trendy destinations to visit.


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The dollar exchange rate is now stable, helping travelers define their next vacation and appears to be more stable for planning purposes.

Sources: Source: International Monetary Fund,



Competitive Landscape

  • Florida and New York are trying to stabilize the Eastern United States market as the Brazilian Real depreciates against U.S. dollar
  • Las Vegas is a strong destination and often packaged with California; most Brazilians stay 5-6 nights in Las Vegas Europe continues to offer value to the Brazilian traveler, as it represents a more cultural trip as well as a place to connect with family roots
  • Exotic destinations are garnering the attention of the luxury and mainstream traveler



Market Barriers


Risk Factors

  • Flight tickets are now more expensive, and since Brazilians usually make an all-in-one trip to California, this can be a barrier to them visiting California
  • Shorter itineraries could make the experience more unique and inspire them to discover more
  • Tour operators complain about the few destination management companies options California has to offer
  • There still is a political risk with the government gaining stability, yet still volitale and corrupt. While the result of Brazilian economy in the end of 2016 confirms that the economy is returning from rock bottom, economic dynamics remain feeble and the road to recovery is likely to be long.
  • On the political front, progress has been made yet the stability of the government is at risk: political uncertainty has risen sharply as a variety of scandals have engulfed the government and led to a number of resignations. Moreover, the fallout from a massive plea bargain that is in the works could hurt the government’s support further as it is expected to implicate scores of politicians in a corruption scandal. The country has seen President Michel Temer’s loss of support bodes poorly for the passing tough reforms next year. (






  • 5 weekly nonstop flights: American Airlines daily and Korean Airlines 3 times weekly
  • 1,541 weekly seats
  • In December 2016, the daily American Airlines flight from São Paulo to Los Angeles stopped flying on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and the aircraft switched from a 226 seats 787 Dreamliner to a 777 with 260 seats
  • There are very good connections in other American and Central American hubs with United, Copa, Aeromexico, Latam and Avianca
  • Booking behaviors have remained consistent
  • Planning time frame: 3–4 months in advance
  • Booking time frame: Sept.–Nov. for travel between December to February; March–May for July vacation period
  • More than 40 percent of travel to California booked through traditional tour operators and travel agencies, with the remainder booked through online travel agencies and directly with airlines
  • Over 50 tour operators package California
    Source: Trip Barometer 2015 by Trip Advisor 



Other Market Insights

  • Market:
    • Significant percentage of international travelers
      • Two of five Brazilians will travel internationally during the next two yeas (Insight Brazilian Traveler – Yahoo)
  • Audience and Product Experience:
    • The United States is a less desired destination among generation Z
      • A new survey on Brazilian generation Z (survey from Research Designed for Strategy – REDS) shows that the United States is not the most desired destination for this generation, as it has for the previous ones
      • England has become the most desired destination (48 percent)
      • In the previous generation, the United States was the top destination for 46 percent of Brazilians; now the United States is the top destination for 22 percent of Brazilians
  • Communication:
    • Social media continues to play a large role
      • Social and digital media are very influential
    • Video, and now virtual reality, are key influencers
      • Watching videos before going on a trip is still important, even more so with the rise of virtual reality
    • YouTube influencers are as popular as TV celebrities
    • Generation Y plan their trips via mobile
      • Users like to see travel tips when they have free time during their daily activities.



Brand Foundation


Brand Platform

California Attitude
California’s lifestyle sets the destination apart — Brazilians imagine the amazing lifestyle, an overall good life and a dream place to be.

California delivers on abundance: it has everything.

      (Dream High)

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