Travel Profile - Total 

Visitor Spending (2016p) $3.2 billion
Visitors to California (2016p) 7.9 million

Sources: U.S. Department of Commerce; Tourism Economics

Travel Profile - Air (total) 

  Yr/Yr % Chg
Visitor Spending (2016p) $585 million -
California Market Share (2015) 24.4% -
Visitors to California (2016p) 552,000 -
2017 Visitation Forecast (% change vs. 2016p) 521,000 -5.6%
2021 Visitation Forecast (% change vs. 2016p) 550,000 -0.4%
2021 Spending Forecast $587 million -

(updated May 2017)
U.S. Department of Commerce; Tourism Economics 

Leisure Travel Profile (83% of total)  

Vacation/Holiday 78% 116
Hotel/Motel 53% 72
Average Length of Stay - Nights 8 63
Average Spend Per Trip $1,102 55
Average Destinations Visited Per Trip 1.9 61
Average Party Size 1.7 100
Travel with Children 17.7% 132

Sources: U.S. Department of Commerce; CIC Research, Inc. 



Market Conditions

Mexico GDP Quarterly Growth Rate
Mexico Peso

Mexico is a growing economic powerhouse, particularly in the energy, electronics, automobile and consumer goods manufacturing sectors

Mexico’s economic outlook looks good, with GDP growth expected to accelerate and unemployment to decline at the end of 2016 as structural reforms take effect and facilitate foreign investments

Analysts expect GDP to close at 2.4 percent at the end of 2016

Mexican carriers continue to gain market share in the international market: for the first time in many years the home carriers achieved more than 30 percent of total international traffic

  Check current exchange rates on

The Mexican peso reached a record high of 20.77 in November 2016. Additionally, with the exchange rate, acitivities such as shopping and extra spending could be impacted with the higher cost with the record high exchange rate.

Sources: International Monetary Fund, INEGI, DGAC  



Competitive Landscape


Top 2015 Spenders

  • Canada Visa cancelation and increase in flights to key destinations in Canada will attract more Mexican visitors
  • Inexpensive U.S. destinations like Texas and Florida continue to be a threat
  • Domestic travel is increasing due to heavy domestic promotion and U.S. dollar exchange rate

Buenos Aires: $2.64M
Las Vegas: $1.4M
Colorado: $921K
Panama: $696K
Texas: $467K 

    Source: Adspen / Ibope / Nielsen; no paid TV or digital reported



Market Barriers


Risk Factors

  • Peso exchange rate is a concern and could impact length of stay and spend
  • Proximity to California results in a perceived familiarity
  • Increased marketing efforts by competing destinations, especially Canada
  • President Trump’s administration increases uncertainty






  • 591 weekly flights
  • 93,954 weekly seats to California
  • Nonstop service to 11 California destinations and connecting flights are mainly through Houston, Dallas, Phoenix
  • Planning cycle – Jan.-March, April-May, Aug.-Sept. Booking pattern March, May-June, Sept.-Nov.
  • Main travel seasons are Easter (March or early April), Summer (mid July-end Aug), Christmas (correspond to school holiday periods)
  • Approximately 46 percent book with airlines directly, closely followed by traditional travel agencies at 25 percent and online/online travel agencies at 22 percent
  • Over 35 operators carry California vacation packages



Target Profile

Primary Target
  • Top 33% HHI
  • Passionate about or regularly travel abroad
  • Travel by air for vacation 1+ times annually
  • Vacation decision-making involvement
  • 39 — Median age
  • Highest income tercile
  • Married (54 percent / 150) and have children (70 percent / Index 140)
Source: Carat CCS    




Other Market Insights

  • Market:
    • Travel driven by leisure and visiting friends/relatives purpose trips
  • Product Experience:
    • Increased long weekend travel provides California an opportunity
      • Summer school holiday periods are shortening (only five weeks), leading to increases in long weekend travel
  • Audience:
    • Travelers are seeking new experiences beyond the familiar
      • Mexican consumers seeking new travel opportunities beyond the familiar shopping and theme park trips; greater interest in niche, experiential travel
  • Communication:
    • Continued increase in online connectivity
      • People are more connected than ever, with increased access across many devices, especially smartphones
    • Online video rising in importance
      • Online video has become a key channel for consuming content



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