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'Adventures in Kidifornia' series spotlights California family adventures

By Lisa Martinez 05/23/2018

Visit California launched an all-new Dream365TV original series “Adventures in Kidifornia" May 21 with three pilot episodes spotlighting iconic family experiences in the Golden State. 

“Adventures in Kidifornia” is a social-forward, comic-book-style “edutainment” series designed to enhance Visit California’s family pillar. The series is positioned to reach Visit California's primary opportunity global brand target: millennials with kids, the demographic that is playing a foundational role in today's global travel landscape.

One part education and one part entertainment, this new video series shines a spotlight on California family experiences that provide both fun and enrichment for kids and parents alike.

The pilot episodes set in San Diego follow a parent and child on their adventures at SeaWorld San Diego, aboard the USS Midway Museum, and in tide pools at Cabrillo National Monument. Attractions for the series are selected based on family travel motivators to California, including beaches and lakes; national and state parks; theme parks and zoos; cultural activities; and Hollywood/celebrity sightings.

Video promotion of the USS Midway Museum and Cabrillo National Monument episodes commenced May 21 with SeaWorld San Diego video promotion launching the following week. To drive views of the series, Visit California allocated paid media support across the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and Mexico. This includes 99 million impressions across digital (native, YouTube) and social (Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat) channels. The series will launch with paid media support in June in China for an additional 40 million impressions.

Visit California will also support “Adventures in Kidifornia” with ancillary editorial content on Dream365TV and promotion in e-news. The Dream365TV channel continues to grow with over 140 videos garnering nearly 93 million views this fiscal year.

The earned team will also host family influencers to showcase summer adventures throughout Kidifornia with links back to the series. Follow No Back Home (@ciantravels) May 24-28 as they discover Northern California, and be on the lookout for content from Y Travel (@yTravelBlog) in June as they journey to San Diego before heading north up the coast.

Links to the series can be found below. Check out the all-new content and be sure to share using the hashtags #VisitCalifornia, #Kidifornia and #DreamBig.


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