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California Dream Eater

The California Dream Eater is on a never-ending search for dream eats across the state – and he's taking orders. The original Dream365TV series showcases the best of Golden State's singular culinary culture through crowdsourced recommendations from fans and followers, tracking down the state's best dishes in the name of foodies everywhere.

Get involved with California Dream Eater

California Dream Eater is an ‘eatertainment’ video series featuring Chase Ramsey, who proudly, passionately and hilariously eats the best things in California on behalf of foodies everywhere.


Follow the Dream Eater on Instagram, and keep up with his travels on Dream365TV.

Highlights to date

  • California Dream Eater’s second season generated 39 million video views.  
  • Crowdsourcing has generated over 1,500 restaurant and 240 city recommendations.

Tap into the Dream Eater’s following to gain exposure

1. Submit photos

We need photos to showcase food from around the state and accept image submissions for California Dream Eater to share.


  • Amateur-style photos, could have been taken by Chase himself
  • Un-edited/filtered images
  • Original, not previously shared by another social profile
  • Capture a sense of place whenever possible
  • No people, hands or dining partners in image foreground
  • Capture the full plate in frame, avoid super close-up images
  • People acceptable in the background/out of focus 

When you're ready, submit photos here

2. Help Crowdsource

@CaliforniaDreamEater is always looking for ideas from consumers on Instagram.

Here's what you can do:

  • Activate your fan-base to rally around your destination
  • Share original Dream Eater post(s) with your base
  • Create a new post using unique food or regional imagery 

For all of the above, be sure to tag @CaliforniaDreamEater and use #DreamEats


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