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Global Ready

January 2018

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Global Ready China is a series of cultural, sales and service trainings that highlights best practices for welcoming international visitors from California's No. 1 overseas market: China. Participants receive tools to attract, engage and keep these valuable travelers.

Global Ready

Global Ready is an educational platform aimed to prepare California's tourism industry to better serve the global traveler. The program is designed to inform tourism industry professionals on market landscape, cultural nuances and how to do business in the market effectively. 

The program’s primary objectives are to leverage Visit California’s resources -- including research and its network of global offices -- to gain and share relevant global insight, to collaborate as an industry on global market development and to increase product offerings for greater ROI. 

Global Ready Seminars

About the seminars

Global Ready seminars are a series of cultural, sales and service trainings that highlight best practices for welcoming visitors from key international markets. Participation gives you the tools you need to properly engage in market, create networking opportunities and to expand your business.

Who should participate in this course?

Training is perfect for front-line employees, managers, marketing and sales staff from the following areas or anyone interested in learning how to better understand and serve global visitors:

  • Hotels
  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Attractions
  • Cultural institutions
  • Sightseeing
  • Transportation
  • Service providers

New for 2017
Several new discussions and key insights highlight this year's program. New topics include:

  • The future of millennial tourism
  • The new definition of luxury
  • The evolution of group travel
  • The rise of the Free Independent Traveler (FIT) in China
  • Best practices for mobile integration in your destination

Global Ready China: Seminars and resources 

California is the top U.S. destination for Chinese visitors and China is the Golden State’s largest overseas market. Last year, California welcomed nearly 1.3 million Chinese visitors who spent almost $2.6 billion enjoying the state’s many offerings.

Welcoming Chinese visitors and understanding the nuances of this complex market is becoming increasingly important. Visit California, in partnership with UnionPay International, presents Global Ready China, a series of seminars across the state that will provide an in-depth look at best practices on how to welcome Chinese visitors to your business.
For more information about bringing Global Ready to your destination, contact Visit California Industry Relations Manager Gohar Manukyan.


Global Ready Travel Profiles

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