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Tourism Expo (formerly JATA)

October 2019 | Starting at $3,000


Visit California Japan welcomes partners to participate in the country’s largest travel trade show. Visit California regularly exhibits at the expo and can count on welcoming well-qualified travel trade visitors from key travel agencies, media and tour operators. About 34,000 travel trade and media, plus 96,000 consumers, will attend the 2019 Tourism Expo, which will feature enhanced one-to-one scheduled appointments with the trade and expanded media meetings, offering a variety of businesses networking opportunities.

Business Meetings: Scheduled Business Appointments with Tour Operators at Booth

  • Thursday (10/24)
  • Friday (10/25)

Consumer Days: Travel Showcase open to Public (Trade & Media)

  • Saturday (10/26)
  • Sunday  (10/27)

Shipping Instructions:

  • All items must be delivered by October 4th
  • 300-500 printed materials recommended for Consumer Day
Ship to: Marjorie Dewey, President Connect-Worldwide Japan Co., Ltd.                                                      c/o Oda Konpo Co., Ltd. Oji 2-11-2 Kita-ku Tokyo 114-0002


FOR: Japan Mission 2017

ATTN: Mr. Oda, President

Tel: 03-4360-5528 (CWWJ)

Tel: +81-3-3919-2324 (Oda Konpo)

Important Notice regarding Shipments into Japan

Due to the strict Japanese Food Sanitation Act, you are required to ship ONLY "printed materials" in your boxes and separate promotional items or giveaways when shipping. Do not enclose any "food and drink" or "promotional items that touch one's mouth" - such as; mug cup, teacup, drink bottles, straws, whistles, etc. If these items are found in any of your boxes, it is most likely to be stopped at Japanese Customs and returned to sender.

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