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The California Games Challenges Germany to get California Fit

By Ashley Abney 05/23/2019

Visit California partnered with Die Sportagenten to launch the California Games campaign across 140 fitness studios in Germany.

The campaign established California as the ultimate outdoor destination by presenting an abundance of unique experiences and unforgettable adventures to the German market. This included visuals of hikers, surfers, and other adventurers. Participants were challenged with the question “Are you fit enough for California?” and encouraged them to get out of their comfort zone and take on the great outdoors of the Golden State.

Visit California was on the hunt to find the Golden Man/Golden Woman to win the ultimate dream trip with the best of California’s outdoor activities – cycling on famous beach trails, hiking the mountains, surfing off the coast, exploring desert regions and more.

With the help of carefully curated banners, posters and a California-only branded magazine, the campaign successfully reached half a million people - surpassing the projection goal by more than 133,000.

José, a fitness studio marketing manager, noted the enthusiasm brought by the campaign. ‘‘The California Games campaign was very well-received among our members. The magazine was especially great, as members could take it home to read more about California.‘‘

In addition to producing enticing content, Visit California also engaged members via social media channels and garnered participation through a Facebook raffle that garnered over 154,000 impressions.

The campaign wasfruitful in terms of reaching and enticing the German market. It also provided Visit California with valuable information on how to engage German audiences via social media. 

Overall, the California Games proved to be a successful mission to highlight California as the ultimate outdoor destination to an adventurous, travel-ready audience.

For more information regarding Germany’s growing market trends check out Visit California's Germany Market Profile.

Both episodes were launched in March and will be featured through May in the U.S., Canada and Australia via D365TV, YouTube, and now streaming on Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Fire Stick. 

Links to the full videos and their cutdowns can be found here.

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