A New Resource: Travel Matters Website Launches
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A New Resource: Travel Matters Website Launches

By Dan Smith 05/01/2019

The idea that travel and tourism is a benefit to all Californians is well known to thousands who work in the industry.

On May 1, Visit California debuted a new website to spread the word more broadly. With stories told with words, visuals and statistics, the Travel Matters site demonstrates how tourism not only generates visitor spending year after year, it creates thousands of jobs and underwrites billions in government services with the tax revenue it creates.

Three key issues and insights explored on the site focus on tourism’s economic staying power, it’s impact on building a career-oriented workforce and the imperative in California to encourage responsible and sustainable tourism.

The latter topic includes details about sustainable tourism practices in place throughout the state, video testimonials from partners in Yosemite and Monterey and an overview of Visit California's developing efforts to encourage responsible tourism. Future content in the jobs category will highlight Californians building a career in the industry in various sectors. The site already includes a profile of Sima Patel, a pioneering hotelier and immediate past board chair of Visit California.



Media, government officials and other community influencers often are unaware of tourism's vast and sustaining economic benefits. Visit California conceived and launched Travel Matters to reach a diverse audience, and will push the new site through all channels in the coming weeks and months.

The site has attracted a robust list of partners, including the California Chamber of Commerce, the California State Association of Counties and the California State Parks Foundation. These groups have lent their names because they embrace the fact that the benefits of travel and tourism stretch across the state.

As you peruse the new site, send along content suggestions or partnership requests to Dan Smith, public affairs manager, at dsmith@visitcalifornia.com.

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