Gold Pass Form Submission

Thank you for your interest in applying for Visit California’s Gold Pass program for in-state DMOs and tourism product partners.

This program allows Visit California’s destination partners to collaborate in bringing journalists to the Golden State. For qualifying applicants, Visit California can provide airfare and car rental or mileage assistance for these editorial research trips.

For Gold Pass consideration, please note the below guidelines and restrictions:


1. A DMO primary lead must complete and submit the below form in its entirety. This form is not meant to be filled out by media.

2. Applications must be submitted at least six weeks before travel by the journalist.

3. Assisted journalist must be visiting three different DMO areas in California, with confirmed coverage outlined for each location on this application.

4. International media must be from or providing coverage in one of Visit California’s target international markets: Australia and New Zealand, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, Scandinavia (Sweden, Denmark, Norway) and the United Kingdom and Ireland.

5. Visit California has discretion over which Gold Pass applications are approved, based on alignment with the organization’s earned media strategy and overall marketing goals.

6. Upon approval, the primary DMO contact must connect with Visit California to coordinate the following logistics:

- Connect Visit California with the journalist to book air transportation and reserve rental car if needed (please note that the rental car cannot be paid for in advance; journalist must submit receipt for reimbursement).

- Distribute media invoice to journalist for completion after the trip (for reimbursement of rental car or mileage if personal car was driven).

- DMO must also submit a copy of the final itinerary to Visit California, and follow up with coverage.


1. Only individual media visits can be supported through Gold Pass. Gold Pass does not apply to group trips.

2. Gold Pass support does not provide accommodation, admission to attractions/tours, meals, tour guides or translators. Only airfare and car rental or mileage will be provided for applicants that qualify for assistance.

3. Mileage is paid at the 2018 Internal Revenue Service confirmed rate of U.S. 56 cents per mile for business miles driven.

4. Visit California does not assist with film or on-location broadcast permits. These are handled by various film offices around California. For general information and contacts, visit

5. Gold Pass applications must be submitted by a DMO contact. If you are a media guest interested in visiting California, please complete a Press Trip Request Form, located under the "Contacts & Services" tab on

For questions on international media, contact Visit California International Public Relations Manager Nick Leonti at

For questions on U.S. and Canadian media, contact Visit California Domestic Public Relations Manager Kristen Bonilla at

Visit California Gold Pass Application Form


Travel Dates

Visit California Staff reserves the right to determine a “reasonable” amount of days for a media request, based on their stated story focus and length.

Visit California Gold Pass Criteria:

Three DMOs within California

Destination Partner 1

Destination Partner 2

Destination Partner 3

Media Outlet(s) Information:

(Newspaper, Magazine, Television, Radio, Internet)

(Print Media – Cost per page/column inch)

Journalist Information:

(as it appears on their Photo ID)

(including country)

Anticipated Results

Please outline confirmed coverage for each destination partnering on this visit, providing as much detail as possible:

Social Media Deliverables

Please list top two platforms (i.e. Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc.) for the individual or outlet, depending on where coverage will be shared:

Publication Page

Publication Page


Visit California will book the flight taking into consideration reasonable timing and airfare.

By state law, Visit California cannot pay for rental car reservations in advance of the rental. Please be aware that media or digital influencers that receive assistance, the rental car will be rented in the assisted person’s name and the payment will be billed to Visit California after the return of the car for reimbursement.

Please note that any traffic tickets and associated fees issued to the car will be the sole responsibility of the driver. VISIT CALIFORNIA assumes no liability and will not pay any of the fees.