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CA STAR Agent Training Encourages Domestic Travel Trade to Book California

By Katie Meissner 12/10/2020

With International travel still on pause, Visit California has continued to amplify its focus on domestic travel trade on California travel and tourism. A lynchpin to these efforts is the California STAR online platform for agent and advisor education.

Due to the likelihood that domestic travel will remain more accessible than international for the foreseeable future, an increased number of domestic travel trade representing western feeder markets and long-haul domestic travelers are looking to California as a desirable destination. However, the rapidly changing travel landscape has created uncertainty about the state’s current offering and travel restrictions. It’s become more important than ever to educate this domestic base on California’s current offerings and how to travel safely and responsibly.

So far, STAR has been well received by the domestic travel trade audience. There are currently 3,457 travel advisors registered on the platform, and since switching to a domestic focus in March, an additional 1,206 domestic travel advisors have signed up. In the same period, STAR educational content featuring local  California destination has generated 415 partner handoffs.

The California STAR platform gives agents, advisors and tour operators the confidence to book successful itineraries in California. The free-to-access platform serves a guided training that walks through California’s tourism segments and activities, such as outdoors, culinary, luxury, and family. The platform also helps agents identify tourist-friendly destinations and businesses across the state.

Travel advisors can also access a directory to search information about certain destinations, a fast-facts tab with information such as a digital map of California, top spots to visit, sample itineraries, and a toolbox tab with video and image assets. Visit California’s industry partners have an opportunity to showcase their destinations at a high level to travel trade professionals who are learning about the state and building itineraries for their clients.

Learn more about the CA STAR partnership program.


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