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Digital Consumer Advertising

Ongoing | Starting at $5,000

Visit California's digital partnership opportunities program with the Meredith Corporation is designed to give brand partners access to best-in-class content creation, new ad products and powerful targeting capabilities. The program offers a variety of ways for brands to connect to travel-savvy consumers, including email marketing, display and native exposure on Advertisers get exclusive access to Meredith's unsurpassed targeting, distribution and content-creation offerings, waiving minimum-spend threshold requirements and giving partners control of their messaging and branding. Targeting options include Family Travelers, Winter Sports Lovers, Luxury Travelers, Spa Seekers and more. Packages can be customized to suit partners' needs. Email us for more information.

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Enrollment & Prep
  • 7/1/2020 - Ongoing
  • 6/30/2021 - Ongoing

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