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Why Travel Matters

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Travel and tourism is one of California’s most important engines for economic growth. Every day, travelers infuse hundreds of millions of dollars into communities across California, spending a projected $126.3 billion in 2016. That visitor spending generated $10.3 billion in local and state tax revenues and supported more than 1 million jobs for Californians.

Tourism is unlike any other industry. At its core, travel is a uniquely unifying force that connects people with places and experiences with the power to change lives. California’s culture of diversity and inclusivity shines brightest in its tourism industry, and travel is rooted in the identity of every destination, business and individual across the Golden State.

Other destinations around the world also recognize the significant benefits of a robust tourism industry and are increasing their investment to attract visitors. In this ever-expanding global market, investment and support of the state’s tourism industry is critical to maintaining the economic benefits and quality of life Californians have come to enjoy with a strong tourism economy.

To learn more about travel and tourism’s economic impacts, view the complete California Travel Impacts report. For Visit California’s complete suite of tourism research reports, visit our Research section.

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