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Minifornia UK model RVs
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Visit California Brings Road Trips to London with 'Minifornia'

By Jennifer Montero 04/08/2020

Visit California brought the California road trip experience to life with a first-of-its-kind experiential activation that appeals to consumers who increasingly seek new ways to interact with brands.

Minifornia transports the viewer to the Golden State and makes California’s jaw-dropping scenery and attractions easily digestible through an arresting, tactile and novel combination of old-world craftsmanship and the latest tech. Designed and built by Los Angeles-based Vision Scenery, the 20-foot replica of California includes miniature buildings created with a 3D printer. Cars move along road trip routes, capturing real-time footage of the journey and transmitting it to a series of screens.

Aerial view of minifornia in Waterloo station

The model features a range of destinations and points of interest to give the viewer a sense of the California experience, including major international gateway cities along with the state’s geographic diversity and wide range of iconic and off-the-beaten path icons. 

Minifornia model facts:

Minifornia points of interest:

U.K. Waterloo out of home and activation

#minifornia out of home banner in Waterloo

In FY19/20, Visit California made the California Road Trip Republic its primary campaign layer within the market, given the consumer desire for this type of travel. The high-profile London outdoor ad deployment culminated with a Waterloo Station domination at the end of a three week flight, while the larger campaign will continue to be supported in OTV, digital and social channels through the end of April.

Waterloo Station has always been a part of the out-of-home mix, but with the desire to move into Experiential marketing, Waterloo provided the perfect setting to showcase Visit California’s innovative marketing. Streaming a (mini) road trip to the largest video board in Europe offered a visually arresting experience to London commuters, effectively allowing them to take a California road trip to work.

The activation included partnerships with British Airways and LA Tourism, with a comprehensive owned channel cross-promotion.

The Waterloo Station domination and activation included: primary billboard signage at entry, pennant banners on platform, and 100% ownership of the video board from March 2-8, 2020. The Minifornia activation ran March 5-7, 2020.

Consumer Engagement 

British families engaging with Minifornia model

Engagement and foot traffic far exceeded expectations. Despite being in one of the busiest commuter stations in London, there was a constant stream of traffic and people exploring the model, making it difficult to even find a space to view it up close.


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