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Economic Impact by Senate District 2021

Dean Runyan Associates, Inc.

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(Date of Publication: May 13, 2022)

Economic significance of the travel industry in California’s 40 Senate districts in 2021. The report includes visitor spending, earnings, employment and tax revenue (local and state) per district. The estimates are comparable to the county, regional and state travel impacts.


  • Total impacts for all districts match those in the 2021 statewide travel impacts report: $100.2 billion in travel-related spending supporting near 927.1 thousand jobs and generating $9.8 billion in state and local taxes. 
  • Among the 40 California Senate districts, travel impacts were highest is the 11th District (San Francisco), which led the state in both travel-related spending ($6.0 billion) and tax revenue generation at $572 million.
  • The 28th District (Palm Springs) supported 60,900 jobs, the most of the state and had the highest percentage of travel-generated employment at 12.7%.
CA Travel-Related Spending
CA Travel-Generated Jobs
CA Travel-Generated Taxes

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