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Recovery Research Dashboard

Visit California and third party data sets

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(Date of Publication: July 2, 2021)

Summary compilation of statistics from a variety of Visit California and third-party data sets. The data are updated monthly and provide insight on the status of recovery across key indicators. A monthly highlights section provides an analyses of the state of travel recovery for California.


Public Health Indicators

  • California continues to have a low positive test rate, but case numbers have increased for two consecutive weeks. For the week ending on June 27, cases increased by 55% on a week over week basis.
  • The death rate from COVID-19 in the state remained low, however the 301 COVID-related deaths recorded for the week represented a 70% over the prior week.
  • First dose vaccinations have reached 61% of the state’s population as of June 27. This compares to 54% for the nation.

Consumer Indicators

  • Eight out of 10 Californians (80%) classified themselves as “ready to travel,” on par with the previous month’s measure. The U.S. figure was nearly identical at 81%.
  • Excitement to travel metrics remain high at above 70% but may have peaked for both California and the U.S. as recent weeks have trended flat.
  • There was some backtracking in optimism measures around the coronavirus situation, likely driven by recent reporting related to the Delta variant of the virus.

International Indicators

  • COVID-19 case numbers are starting to stabilize in India but are increasing significantly in the U.K. due to the Delta variant of the virus.
  • Vaccination rates are increasing with Canada and the U.K. leading with the highest percent of population vaccinated with at least one dose. Other European countries are making steady progress.
  • Intent to travel internationally among Canadian travelers recorded a noticeable uptick in June.
  • Airlift and non-resident arrivals from international markets into the U.S. remain severely depressed pending changes in global travel restrictions.
  • Note that the July Dashboard update will include insights from Visit California’s consumer sentiment research in select international markets, specific to California and California destinations.

Lodging/Airline Indicators

  • Hotel occupancy in California statewide is at 72% for week ending June 26, down only 11% from the 2019 comparable week. Gateway room demand is down 16% vs. 2019. Other California regions have notched six straight weeks of demand above 2019 benchmarks.
  • California ADR has surpassed 2019 levels over the past two weeks.
  • Air passenger traffic continues to increase week over week. As of June 27, TSA recorded 13.9 million passengers, down 24% from 2019.
  • Air bookings for later in the year continue to show recovery, with November 2021 bookings down 22% vs. 2019.
Economic Indicators
  • Visitor spending in California for May reported by Tourism Economics grew to $9.9 billion, down 26% from 2019. Florida continues to outpace California in terms of recovery with visitor spending there surpassing 2019 levels (+2%) for the first time since the start of the pandemic.
  • The Leisure & Hospitality sector continued to hire in May, but the sector still lags comparable sectors in recovery.