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International Tracking Study (January)


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(Date of Publication: February 4, 2022)

Quarterly analysis of consumer sentiment in California’s top international markets. The report summarizes consumer intent to visit California, anticipated timing of future visitation, competitive context, brand health and barriers to travel. The January 2022 report includes findings from Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, France, Australia, China, Germany, Japan and South Korea. 


  • When compared to pre-pandemic levels, travelers from Australia, Canada, Germany, Mexico, and UK all expressed a stronger likelihood to visit California, and France likelihood to visit was on par with pre-pandemic level. Asian markets (China, Japan and South Korea) have likelihood to visit California that is below their pre-pandemic benchmark. 
  • Among our trended markets, Canada, China, Mexico and UK had similar likelihood to visit as compared to our previous September 2021 wave, even with the added pressure from omicron. Only France which was experiencing a strong surge in new cases at the time of the January field had just slightly lower reported intent this wave (but still on par with pre-pandemic levels).
  • Anticipated travel timing is coming into better focus, with all trended markets reporting significantly less uncertainty about their future California travel. Wave 2 measurements were recorded prior to the U.S. announcement of borders re-opening, and with Wave 3, travelers across these markets were more confident to name anticipated
  • There is high awareness of the U.S. policy requiring international travelers to show proof of vaccination, and strong confidence across markets in travelers’ ability to show their vaccination proof.
  • Travelers may be more dissuaded by regulations from their own country. The impacts vary, but for most markets, more than half of the travelers say current restrictions are either stopping them from planning international travel or making trip planning much less likely. The two exceptions are for France and Mexico where the plurality of travelers say restrictions are having no impact on their travel planning.
  • The majority of international travelers say that the safety protocols are an important consideration to them in selecting their destination. California along with New York leads other competitors on being perceived as being more likely to have safety protocols.
  • Among those who say they are unlikely to visit California, the top barriers cited remain either travel restrictions due to coronavirus, or safety concerns related to coronavirus. The top non-coronavirus mention for not visiting California is “Expensive.”
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