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International Tracking Study (April)


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(Date of Publication: May 17, 2022)

Quarterly analysis of consumer sentiment in California’s top international markets. The report summarizes consumer intent to visit California, anticipated timing of future visitation, competitive context, brand health and barriers to travel. The April 2022 report includes findings from Australia,Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, France and Germany,


  • When compared to pre-pandemic levels, travelers from Canada, Germany, Mexico, and UK all expressed a stronger likelihood to visit California. Australia and France likelihood to visit are on par with pre-pandemic levels.
  • California is in a strong position compared to domestic competitors in terms of likelihood to visit in Australia, France, and Mexico. California is on par with the competition in Canada and Germany. The UK is the only country where California is relatively weak in this regard. The British are more likely to visit Florida and New York.
  • In France, California’s domestic competitive position in terms of likelihood to visit improved in the most recent wave. California has been strong across waves in Australia and Mexico.
  • California is not as strong among international competitors in terms of likelihood to visit. The exception is Mexico, where California has a clear competitive advantage. Europeans are simply more likely to travel within Europe. Australians are more likely to visit Europe and Asian/Pacific countries.
  • It appears that international travelers have been using travel credits since January 2022, as fewer Australians, Canadians, French, and British currently have unused credits.
  • Price pressures are having a greater negative influence on travel than the war in Ukraine. Around a third of international travelers from most countries indicate that the price of travel has impacted their 2022 travel plans. About 1 in 5 indicate that the war has had an influence.
  • Germany is the most affected by the war, with close to a third indicating some influence. Postponing upcoming travel or changing travel plans are the most prevalent changes.
  • Mexico is the most affected by prices, with about half indicating some influence.
  • Safety concerns and travel restrictions due to the pandemic are weaker barriers to California travel now than they were in January 2022. Expense is now the top barrier in all countries. But while the pandemic presents less of a barrier now than it did in January, it remains a stronger barrier for California than it does for competitors.

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