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Regional Strategic Tourism Plans


California was designated by the U.S. Department of Commerce for a $5 million grant to prepare strategic tourism plans for each of our 12 tourism regions. The plans aim to help tourism stakeholders, residents and civic partners prepare for the future in their destinations.

California tourism industry members participate in regional planning workshop at Visit California's 2022 Winter Board Meeting
Submit feedback and get involved

In January, Visit California signed a contract with global consulting firm JLL, allowing the formal launch of the two-year project. JLL and its partners — including Ernst&Young, Tourism Economics and the World Travel and Tourism Council — will conduct extensive research with industry stakeholders, residents and community leaders in each region.

Map of the tourism regions of California
Interactive regional map

The plans will examine the full range of tourism dynamics, from destination brand perceptions to housing imbalances, environmental challenges, workforce development, public safety issues, infrastructure priorities and digital marketing performance. Tourism businesses and DMOs will use the findings and recommendations to inform business decisions, inspire partnerships with local governments and nonprofits and build a more sustainable future for the industry. The contract with JLL requires actionable recommendations and implementation strategies in each region at the end of this process. 

Free Digital Marketing Assessment and Consultation

The Regional Plan project gives California DMOs a free digital marketing assessment and consultation. DMOs can get started at https://www.unispheredestinations.com/visit-california (Password: california).

Regional Plan Timeline

View JLL's Proposal

Your engagement with this process is crucial.
As many voices as possible — from within the tourism industry and outside — are necessary to ensure the project produces comprehensive strategic tourism roadmaps that capture the opportunities and challenges in each region. The goal is to develop specific, actionable recommendations to guide decision making for the next decade.
Please use this form to provide feedback on tourism issues in your region and/or serve on a steering committee to help guide the project. Please share this page with your network so that your business partners and others across the region and state can support this vital effort. Your feedback goes directly to the team member responsible for planning in your region.

You may also email your regional lead directly:

JLL Regional Planning Team

Dan Fenton, Executive Vice President, JLL

Dan Fenton
Executive Vice President, JLL

Central Coast & SF Bay Area

Project Role
Oversight, strategy, regional lead


Brian Tress, Senior Strategy Advisor, JLL

Brian Tress
Senior Strategic Advisor, JLL

Los Angeles & Gold Country

Project Role
Sustainability strategy advisor, regional lead


Ryan Foster, Senior Manager, JLL

Ryan Foster
Senior Manager, Ernst&Young

Shasta Cascade & North Coast

Project Role
Regional lead


Bethanie DeRose, Senior Vice President, JLL

Bethanie DeRose
Senior Vice President, JLL

High Sierra & San Diego

Project Role
Project manager, regional lead


Rob Masi, Principal, JLL

Rob Masi
Principal, Ernst&Young

Orange County & Inland Empire

Project Role
Regional lead


Amy Horwath, Senior Manager, Regional Lead

Amy Horwath
Senior Manager, Ernst&Young

Central Valley & Deserts

Project Role
Regional lead


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